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Title / Description: Catacombs of St. Peter and Macellinus, Jonah thrown to the whale
Provenance: Rome, Italy
Object Type: image - fresco
Date: 3rd c. CE

Commentary: The catacomb of St. Peter and Marcellinus is located on the Via Labicana near a villa of Constantine (r. 306-337 CE). This fresco shows a scene from the story of Jonah and the whale, showing Jonah being thrown from the boat into the sea (Jonah 1:15). Jonah was a popular figure in early Christian art, because of his calls for repentance and salvation through conversion. Depictions of Jonah were influenced by earlier pre-Christian representations of Endymion.
L.V. Rutgers, Subterranean Rome
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Author of Commentary: Adam Mendelson
Source: Meeks, Wayne A. Wayne Meeks slide collection

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