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"Angu" Subit Tschering, Bible School student, to work with Dycks, Kurseong
"Auntie Ruth", Bible woman, in Pokhara
"The Colonel Sahib" with his two sons 1947
1950s: Kanchimaya Sherpani (Miriam Rai), first known Sherpa Christian, converted in Raxaul. Later went to Okhaldhunga as Miriam Rai, wife of Hastaman Rai.
2nd Everest expedition with Dr. Graham in Kalimpong
2nd Everest expedition: first party
A baptism in a deep valley in Sikkim, at the end of a rocky pathway through clefts. 28 Dec. 1982
A Bible school at Nautanwa.
A Christian family at Saryong, Sikkim
A Church group in South Sikkim, on the border with Darjeeling, at Rangpo. Christmas 1973
A Church in E. Sikkim, on the border with Kalimpong
A collection of scriptures, including the front page of the 1821 New Testament from Serampur (William Carey) and the 1914 Darjeeling Bible (Ganga Prasad Pradhan).
A gardener at the Homes
A glimpse of Darjeeling
A Mishmi tribesman, wearing vest embroidered by women. Sadiya (Assamese) in background.
A Nepali Sadhu, who listened to the Gospel and took a New Testament. Bako village.
A preaching group in Sikkim. Back right: Dr. Sereng. Back, with walking stick: Barnabas Rai. 1960s
A reunion in Finland, 1961. From left: Sitting - Hanna Juureva, Edla Traskback, Anna. Standing: Norbu Dukpa, Hellin Hukka-Dukpa, Vappu Rautamaki, Oili Loppalainen, Kanga missionaries, Kirsti Kormu
A tailor and family, ex-army. Dr. Morris delivered their baby in their only dark room, 8' x 6'.
A teaching tour to Daftan Sada's village. Daftan is in front row, far left
A team going out on a preaching tour from Kalimpong: Centre: Elizabeth Franklin; On her left, back: Rajendra Rongong; Far right with guitar: Robert Karthak.
A trip to Dalupchen: Elizabeth McLaren, Mr. Hutchins, Daisy Fowles
A typical Nepali village house
A typical Sunday School class in Sikkim, 1920s.
A typical tribal house where the women hid, and men only came to the door. Headhunters, with no missionaries allowed in their area.
A wing of the Duncan Hospital where many Nepalis were treated.
A. K. Virtanen, Sikkim, 5 August, 1939
Abor (hill tribe) boys, who attended school in Sadiya.
Ajem, Bible woman
Al and Edna Adam and family
American preacher, Nar Bahadur Chettri, evangelist and translator. Crusade sponsored by the Koshi Jayanti Presbyterian Synod
An orphanage girl, married to leader of a national group in Sikkim. 1967
Andrew and Bulu Rai, Gangtok
Ang Tschering at the army barracks, Tidworth, UK
Asborg Fiske with the hospital at Riser-boo in the background
At Vok, Sikkim
Attan Tschering and Archie Shear setting off from Raxaul on a preaching tour to Nepal, 1951.
B. J. Pradhan and his sister Surjamati Pradhan (Mrs. Rongong, mother of Rajendra Rongong)
Back from left: Y.D. Tschering (lay reader in Thimpu), Surja Prasad (evangelist) and four Tibetan boys
Back row standing: Nar Bahadur (white shirt and moustache); Front row standing: Right - Sheeba, N.C. Pradhan, teacher; Sitting: Left - John Tenzing, .... Ian Bull; Front row: Children of the teachers
Back standing: Daniel Mukhia, -, Janet Duncan, -, George Watt. Front standing: -, Janet Addie, -, Betty Scrimgeour, Harshaman Lama, D. L. Adhikari, Chotup Pazo. Back sitting: -, Mary McLoughlin, -. Front sitting: Pastor Pasang Targain, Betty Watt and Helen, -, Stewart, Sr. Margaret Tomory, Mackenzie Scott.
Back: D.B. Chettri, Daniel Karthak, John Tschering, C.T. Pazo, Janet Addie, C.D. Karthak. Front: Sainli Aji Karthak, - , Elinor Karthak, P.B. Rai
Bamboo foundation for the roof of the first dispensary building
Baptism at Singtam, 15 July 1973
Baptism by Dr. B. Sereng at Kamrang, W. Sikkim, 20 March, 1978
Baptism by Dr. B. Sereng at Radu, W. Sikkim, 3 June 1978
Baptism by Dr. Sereng at Singtam, E. Sikkim, 15 July, 1973
Baptism in the newly constructed baptistry in Jaigon
Baptisms by Dr. B. Sereng at Leksep, S. Sikkim, 10 April 1983
Barnabas Rai (Assemblies of God Evangelist)
Beginnings of the dispensary: wood from the jungle.
Beth Allinger outside the tent they used on the evangelistic tours.
Bhim Bahadur Pradhan and wife, later worked with Welsh Mission among Nepalis.
Bible School students
Birendra and Morag Rongong, Edinburgh, September 1986
Birendra Gurung
Birendra Rongong, from Kalimpong, at Bible School in Pokhara, early 1960s
Birendra Rongong, ministering among Gurkhas in Edinburgh. Early 1990s
Blind Bir Bahadur.
Bom Busty Self-Supporting Church, Kalimpong
Bom Self-Supporting Church, Bom Busti, Kalimpong. Est. 1882
Boys on a picnic
Buddhi Sagar and Putali Gautam, Gorakhpur.
C.E. Hostel, Kalimpong
Carrying chair in Mahakalguri, 1954
Centre of front row: Rev. H. C. Duncan, Dr. J. A. Graham, Rev. C. T. Pazo, Hon. Mary Scott (Photo in Sikkim Church)
Centre: Rev. Martin F. Rai. Left: Elder D.C. Lucksom, Lepcha language enthusiast, writing dictionary. April 1992
Centre: Rev. P.S. Tingbo. Men with caps: Brahmin priests. Young men either end: two church leaders at Khalingtar, Bhutan
Chakung Church, W. Sikkim, established 1 April 1956
Chhibo Church leaders, Kalimpong sub-division. Front row, from right: 2nd. T. B. Namchyo (catechist); 3rd. Rev. Vongmu
Chhibo Church, 1990, just before it was torn down to be replaced by a new church
Children in the Girls' Hostel, Darjeeling
Chitravati (Magdelini), keen Christian and Evangelist
Christian congregation (Nepal Christian Fellowship (NCF)), in Shillong, 1948 (?). Back row, left: John Sodemba and wife; 3rd from left - J. B. Lama.
Church bell outside Gangtok Church. Given by Humbie Kirk Session, Scotland; Presented by Rev. Dr. Graham in memory of Mrs. Graham
Church group Shillong
Church leaders of Kalimpong, 1971: From left - Rev. P. S. Tingbo, Rev. N. T. Malommu, Mr. T. Manaen (Darjeeling), Rev. M. H. Subba, Rev. P. D. Vongmu.
Church of North India (CNI) pastors in Calcutta. Second from right: Rev. Martin Rai
Church picnic. Right: Keran Roy, son of the first Pastor, K. C. Roy
Chyo Tschering and his wife: one of the first converts in Bhutan
Chyo Tschering and his wife: one of the first converts in Bhutan
Colonel Nararaj Shamshere at Bible translation
Colonel Nararaj Shamshere, JBR serving tea in his home in the terai near Raxaul, 1947
Colonel Nararaj Shamshere, member of the Bible Society's Nepali Bible Revision Committee, 1955
D.B. and Yankit Chhetri, and children
Daniel Thapa, converted in Raxaul and trained as a dresser, later returned to Nepal (Gorka and Tansen)
Darjeeling Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (WEC) Literature Centre. Leaflets on the board in front advertise different Nepali Bible Study courses. Seated from left: Patsy -, Rita Skillbeck, Edna and Al Adams
Darjeeling Youth Fellowship
Daud Masih and Simon on Daud's wedding day.
Daud Masih.
Daud, Rajbir, Jithu, Hyatt Singh
David and Premi Mukhia, with: Back row: John (nephew), Prabhu Das, Prabhu Dan, Prem (Aitey). Front, on seat: Silu, Edi. December 1946.
Dedication of Lepcha New Testament, 1987, at Gangtok CNI Church. Translator D.K. Lucksom seated in front
Dedication of Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Knitting program, with World Vision officials. Kalimpong, 1989
Dentam School, Sikkim, 1926
Devil dancers with their drums. They come out from Nepal and dance for miles and miles to Darjeeling
Dham, Sibu, Betty, Joseph, Rahail, Lalita, - , - , Haricula, Ramal, Nirmula, Bikram.
Dhanbahadur Sunwar
Dharamadhan Pradhan with his wife and family in their Darjeeling days.
Dinah Mary doing a Bible Correspondence Course
Dinesh Khaling, Secretary, Jiwan Jyoti Prakashan
Dr. B. Sereng baptizing five people in Rangpo, E. Sikkim. 24 Dec. 1977
Dr. Graham and the Metropolitan from Calcutta
Dr. Graham with staff and children at the Homes
Dr. Graham, Rev. Mill, and the Metropolitan
Dr. Graham's family
Dr. J. A. Graham departing from Kalimpong on his appointment as Moderator of the Church of Scotland
Dr. J. A. Graham departing from Kalimpong on his appointment as Moderator of the Church of Scotland
Dr. Kitty Harbord
Dr. May MacLachlan on trek
Dr. Sereng, Ezra Rai (in Mangpo, Darjeeling) and Reuben Thapa (in Rangpo)
Dr. Steiner's evangelistic tour to Mahalari
Dr. W. S. Sutherland (1887-1899) (1908-1920). former Principal of SUMITE.
Dressers in training at Raxaul, 1950. Left - Attan Tschering.
Early group of Christians in Shillong, 1950 or 1951, possibly at baptism of man in dark coat. Back, to his right: Samuel, Noah, Rajbir, Goman Singh, Philip. Front: Sarah, Magdalene, Ritu, Amah, Lakhmati, Martha, Hannah.
Eastern Himalayan Church Council (EHCC) meeting in Darjeeling, April 1940.
Eastern Himalayan Church Council (EHCC), at Lal Khoti, Kalimpong, 1958(?)
Edel Haugstad with Bhutanese friends
Edel Haugstad with Bhutanese friends
El Shaddai Church and local leaders, Kalimpong, April 1992
Elder D.C. Lucksom, Gangtok Church, holding Lepcha New Testament translated by his older brother, and a Lepcha hymnbook containing songs by his father, March 1992
Elders and evangelists at the Baksaduars Congregation, early 1970s
Elin Kronquist in Ghoom, 1930s
Elin Kronquist receiving a gift from a villager. Lachen Mission House, 1930
Elizabeth Franklin's first mission house in the bazar.
Elizabeth McLaren with Homes' boys
Elvi Makela
Ernest Fritschley (Leader of Youth for Christ (YFC), Calcutta), speaking at Campaign
Ernie and Shingler
Esau Lepcha, healed from a very old chronic disease, and baptized on 24 February, 1974
Evening prayers at the Ghoom Finnish Mission, 1957. Left: Vappu Rautamaki; left corner: Esther Dukpa
Evey and Jonathan Lindell (World Mission Prayer League (WMPL))
Evidence of Scottish influence in Darjeeling!
Ex-Gurkha soldiers, Shillong, 1940s.
Ex-Gurkha soldiers, Shillong, 1940s.
First building, serving as sleeping quarters at night and a meeting place for staff during the day.
First church building in Bhutan, at Chanzu, with congregation.
First dispensary, rented by Kitty Harbord and Wilfrid Morris. Note on left, stand for public Bible, and text cards on fence
First revision / translation conference, Darjeeling, Nov 1955. From left: William Scott, HC Pradhan, Col Nararaj Shamshere, HC Duncan, Mahendra Kumar, KD Pradhan.
First stone building in Darjeeling. Rita Skillbeck and Cecily Booth outside dispensary, later moved downstairs. 1953
Firth family
Four boys from Peace Valley orphanage, coming home from school.
Four Nepali former Hindus who became Christians, with Jordan Kahn (centre); Victor Pradhan to his left
Free Church of Finland missionaries on arrival in Calcutta, 1937. Sitting: Astrid Virtanen, Elin Kronquist, Elvi Makela, Sonja Ollila. Standing: Arthur Pylkanen, Arnold Hyttinen, Hanna Jureva, Edla Traskback, Eli Ollila, Olaren Ollila
From left: HC Pradhan, the Colonel Sahib and Rev HC Duncan working on the translation of the Nepali New Testament
Front page of Nepali New Testament translated by William Carey in 1821.
Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, Kalimpong, established 1944 - first Pentecostal Church in Darjeeling District. Pastor Jai Pal
Ganga Prasad Pradhan, pastor, teacher and Bible translator, Darjeeling
Gangtok Church
Gangtok Church leaders: Seated: P.B. Rai (elder), Rev. C.T. Pazo, K.T. Lucksom (catechist). Standing: -, D.B. Chettri (elder), D.C. Lucksom, -, Taso
Gangtok Church, Sikkim. Early 1990s
Gangtok congregation, 26 December 1927; with Mary Scott and Rev. C.T. Pazo
Gangtok in 1930s
Gatekeeper's hut, with the old mango tree
George McLaren with Isobel Ritchie, who was the first missionary allowed to live in Gangtok
Girls in the Guide Company
Gokul Das Pradhan
Goman Singh (son of "Desire") and Ritu.
Gorey and Ratna Philip with their grandson Samson
Gospel preaching procession, Siliguri, on way to the Mahanadi river for a baptism, 25 June 1967
Grace Patterson with Shantilala and Shova
Graham's Homes, Kalimpong
Ground-breaking ceremony for construction of "House of Worship" at Chengmari, Bhutan
Group photo, Zenana Bible and Medical Mission (ZBMM) Conference, Allahabad, 1933; Back row: Second from left: Kitty Harbord (Nautanwa); Third from right: Hilda Steele (Nautanwa / Nepal)
Group photograph, Eastern Himalayan Church Council (EHCC) Youth Conference, Gangtok, 1959
Group photographs, Darjeeling 1949: Back row; Ernest Oliver, Beth McCabe, Mildred Ballard, Aza Child, Pearl Treasure, Patricia Strong, Lawrie Raynor, HC Duncan, G Phillip, Mr Woolsey, Mr Garrison, Dan Cronk; Third Row: George McCabe, Milly Hellelquist, Esther Fritz, Margaret McCabe, Eileen Raynor, Rita Skillbeck, Elizabeth Franklin; Second Row: Miss Morton, Hilda Steele, Grace Walthers, Beth Allinger, Elaine Craine, Miss Thompson; Front Row: Pat O'Hanlon, Becky Grimsrud, Ruth Horne, Irene Stephens, Ellen Meincke
Group photographs, Darjeeling 1953: Back row; Roy Hagen, - , Ralph Cunningham; Third row: HC Duncan, Ruth Watson, Alma Hagen, Jean Raddon, Betty Cunningham, Fran Swenson, Becky Grimsrud, Jeanette Leathead; Second row: Daniel Mukhia, Elizabeth Franklin, Surjamati Rongong, Rita Skillbeck, HC Pradhan, - , Esther Fritz, Daisy Fowles; Front row: KD Mukhia, - , - , Dale Lethead.
Group photographs, Gorakhpur 1954
Group photographs, Raxaul 1937: Back row: John Leach, Walter Corlett, Cecil Duncan; Fourth Row: Garrison (?), Ernest Oliver, PO Wynd, HC Duncan, Edith Cracknell, Mildred Ballard; Middle row: Mr Perry, Neville Everard, Edith Dyer, Hilda Steele; Second row: Mrs Perry, Hope Lee, Aileen Duncan, Dora Nicholes, Mrs Duncan; Front Row: Pat O'Hanlon, Gordon Duncan, Ruth Horne
Group photographs, Raxaul 1948: Back row: Grace Walthers, Trevor Strong, George McCabe, G. Phillip, Ernest Oliver, Herbert Pritchard, Daniel Mukhia, Jac Dyke, Lawrie Raynor, J Anderson, Hilda Steele; Middle row: Becky Grimsrud, Milly Hasselquist, Ruth Horne, Mildred Ballard, Sylvia Redstone, Dorothy Dillon, Margaret McCabe, Bertel Vine; Front Row: Miss Personeus, Eileen Raynor, Helen Dyke, Beth McCabe, Esther Fritz, Patricia Strong with Dorothy, Dorothy Rowe, Amy McBurney, Pat O'Hanlon
Gurkha Fellowship, St. Martin's Church, Sekong, Hong Kong, 1973/74
HC Pradhan, the Colonel Sahib and Rev HC Duncan at work. Photo printed in Regions Beyond Missionary Union (RBMU) Magazine, 1961.
Hellin Hukka-Dukpa and Norbu Dukpa with Esther, Marthi and Juhani; Hellin's mother, Mrs Hilma Hukka, then 96 years. In Finland, 1961
Hellin Hukka-Dupka and a Tibetan refugee lama in the Baksaduars dispensary, about 1965
Hester Withey and Rita Skillbeck at the gate of the Mission house
Hilda Steele and Pat O'Hanlon with children in the Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) boys' school.
Hilda Steele and Pat O'Hanlon with Nepali colleagues, Christmas 1937.
Hilda Steele, Kitty Harbord, Elizabeth Franklin
Himlal Pradhan and Pastor Samuel Subba, November 1971 (Nepal Christian Fellowship (NCF) Shillong).
Himlal Pradhan and S.S. class. (Married a Chinese Filipino and went to Cabu City as a pastor.
Homes' girls
Homes' staff in charge of Cottages
Homes Sunday School Fellowship, led by Presbyterian Free Church (PFC), 1985
In the home of Jim and May Kirk, Tidworth, England. (Jim Kirk at back). Back row: Dil Bahadur, Ang Tschering, - , - , Birendra Gurung, - ; Middle left side: Nar Bahadur Satri, - , - ; Front row: Tek Bahadur (drummer), Kirkadhoj, Bom Bahadur, Dhan Bahadur, Kim Rana
Inside Gangtok Church
Jacob and Rebecca in Nautanwa, 1951.
Jaldhaka church congregation, near Bhutan's western border (Kalimpong side)
Janet Addie at Dubasari, 1950
Janet Addie with Class X girls, 1962
Jim (Army Scripture Reader) and May Kirk, Tidworth
Jim and Beth Brodie with Catherine
Jiwan Jyoti Prakashan workers
Jiwan Jyoti Prakashan: the printing machine
Joan Short, David Mukhia, Hilda Steele and Pat O'Hanlon.
John Creighton, Grace Atkins, Connie Smith, Mary Latta, Helen and Jac Dyke
John Singh and family (Assemblies of God Evangelist)
Jonathan and Evey Lindell's wedding day, 26 June 1945, with H. C. and Mrs Duncan
Jonathan Lindell and Ron Byatt working on Christian literature in Kathmandu.
Jung Bahadur Lama, 1979. 89 years old. Khasi Jayanti Presbyterian Synod.
Jung Bahadur Lama, leader of Nepali Mawprem (Presbyterian) Church, Shillong. Died 17 September 1989, 99 years of age.
Kalimpong Pastorate Committee, 1991. Standing (Left to Right) Mr. J. D. Khawas, Mr. O. Lepcha, Mr. D. Namchu (Treasurer), Mr. K. Rongong, Mr. J. S. Rai (Secretary), Mr. K. C. Karthak. Sitting (Left to Right) Dr. N. T. Lepcha, Miss L. Rongong, Rev. H. D. Subba (President), Mr. N. T. Lepcha, Eld. D. L. Akhikari.
Kartik Singh
Katherine Graham's wedding, at the Memorial Chapel, Kalimpong. 8 December 1942
Kemrong Convention, Pentecostal Church, W. Sikkim, March 1984
Kevin and Patsy Thomas, Rita Skillbeck, Al and Vallie Berg (World Mission Prayer League (WMPL))
Kharkadhoj and Kanta Limbu
Khasi Jayanti Presbyterian (KJP) Mawprem Nepali Church, Shillong: day of Bible study led by Pastor Robert Karthak and Solon Karthak
Kim Rana, Nar Bahadur Sahi
Kirka, Tek, Dilman, Mek and Bom, in the army barracks, Tidworth
Kitty Harbord's camp at Tanakpur
Lad Rymbai Nepali Crusade, 1989, in a coal mining area of Meghalaya. The crusade was sponsored by Khasi Jayanti Presbyterian (KJP) Synod, Evangelistic Dept. 1,000 Nepalis attended.
Language students from Nepal at Ahava, 1958: Pam Dodson, Mary Cundy, Betty Pedley, "Sandy" Anderson, Margaret McCombe. Front: Pam Bolt, Mrs. Lily Simick, Betty Young
laundry returned from the dhobi, displayed by Hilda Steele
Left: Ishmael Tschering (Ghoom) on evangelistic with backpack full of literature.
Lekh Bahadur and family; and Assemblies of God workers at Mahoba
Len Moules giving out tracts, 1937.
Lepcha Youth Group
Lilly Horne (Principal GHS, Darjeeling) and Janet Duncan (Doctor, Kalimpong)
Literature work: Esther Fritz and Grace Walthers, 1950-1957(?)
Literature work: Grace Atkins, John Creighton, Jac Dyke, Helen Dyke, Hester Withey
Literature work: Helen Dyke and colleague revising SGM booklets
Literature work: Hem Chandra Pradhan and Mahendra Kumar with baby
Literature work: Kevin and Patsy Thomas, with Mahendra and Anita Kumar
Literature work: Mahendra Kumar translating courses on SGM booklets
Literature work: Saili and Rita Skillbeck, dealing with the magazine "Kiran". Distribution rose from 2000 to 8000 monthly
Literature work; Suk Tschering (bridegroom), translator of "Kiran" etc. Far left: Tais Narnfolk, artist for literature work
M. S. Tingbo, R. S. Molommu and N. T. Molommu
M.S. Rana and Nar Bdr. behind, Birendra and Chandra Psd. Rai in front
Magdelini, with her daughter Narmathi, son-in-law Man Bahadur, and their four children (new Christian family, 1954).
Magnus and Edel Haugstad
Mahakalguri (on the plains)
Manipur. Standing: Reuben, Simon, Ratan, David. Sitting: Reachel, Nirmala, Pastor James Shankar, his wife Lali. On floor: Benjamin, Karunla, Sarah
Manjitar Bridge between Sikkim and Darjeeling
Marmit and Jermit Simick
Mary Scott and church workers from Sikkim in Puri, India. This was her final gift to her colleagues on her retirement from Sikkim. It was the first time most of them had seen the sea. January 1939.
Mawlai Presbyterian Church Youth Group (Khasi Jayanti Presbyterian (KJP)), Shillong, Meghalaya, organised a Nepali Crusade
Mazong Kothi - home of Mary Scott in Gangtok bazar. Church services were held here until the church was built in the 1930s
McFarlane Church, Kalimpong.
Millie Hasselquist (World Mission Prayer League (WMPL)) with Ruth Mukhia (later went to Nepal)
Mini Pradhan, Bible woman
Mirik Church
Mirik Darjeeling Hills Bible School graduation, December 1962
Mr and Mrs D.C. Lucksom
Mr and Mrs Tachon Karthak, 1883, first members of Bom Self-Supporting Church
Mr. Beechcroft, Australian Nepalese Mission, preaching in Darjeeling bazar with chart
Mr. McKean and workers at Temi
Mr. P.B. Rai, elder in Gangtok Church, and father of: Rev. Martin F. Rai, Mrs. Mary Karthak (Kathmandu), Mrs. Rosa Bel Namchyo, Miss Phulmani Rai
Mukti Singh and Shanti Rana
Mun Suk Lal, from orphanage
Namchi CNI Church, South Sikkim, cons. November 13, 1988
Nar Bahadur and Khima Sahi
Neelu and Rajbir.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) compound: dispensary on left, residence on right.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) house in Nautanwa.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) members: Maila, Noah, Hannah, Kanohba.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) Nepali workers, 1947. From left: Daud Masih, David Mukhia, Samuel Subba, Bir Bahadur, Philip Gurung.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) Nepali workers, Shillong, October 1951.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) preaching tour in Assam. Evangelists - Rajbir Gurung, Philip Gurung, Samuel Subba.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB): Shillong, 1942. David and Premi Mukhia and family. (Boys at each end "adopted"; Prem Masih on right.
Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB): Young people's Bible Rally, Shillong.
Nepal Evangelistic Band members, 1941. Back row: Tir Bahadur, David, Pat, Hilda, Daniel. Middle row: Little Prabhu Das, Premi, Martha, Prabhu Dan. Front row: Big Prabhu Das, Joseph, Phillip. Daud.
Nepal Evangelistic Band: Stan and Betty Wall, Ellen Meincke, Hilda Steele, Pat O'Hanlon; 1950.
Nepali and Bhutia believers in Jaigon with Pema Paul Bhutia, 1970s
Nepali area of Nautanwa
Nepali Baptist Church, Chumikidema, Nagaland, completed 1989
Nepali Baptist Church, Chumikidema, Nagaland, under construction, 1988/89
Nepali Christian Fellowship, Shillong. Church meeting hall upstairs; guest rooms below. Outgrowth of Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) and Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (WEC) ministry in Shillong from 1940s. 1991
Nepali Christians in Nautanwa.
Nepali Crusade, Mawlai, 1982. Speaker: Solon Karthak, Kathmandu; Nar Bahadur Chettri, translator into Khasi
Nepali Crusade, Shillong, 1982, sponsored by Mawlai Presbyterian Church Youth Dept. Benjamin Rai, Chairman: Nar Bahadur Chettri, youth leader, crusade organiser and translator into Khasi. 300 came to meetings; 3 days; cost. Rs 30,000
Nepali Girls' High School, Darjeeling, 1962
Nepali villagers listening well to the Gospel, Assam Valley, 1947. Headman seated in centre, with family.
Nepali women listening to hymns and a talk about Jesus in a remote area.
Nepali Youth Fellowship, mini-camp, Shillong. 17 October - 20 October 1975. President - Jyoti Thapa, in front row holding her Bible. Founders - Beth Allinger (front row, second from left; Elaine Crane (front row, right end).
Nermit Targain and her infants class
Nermit Targain and Lily Horne, eating sugarcane on the way to Vok, 1957
New believer in Tashiding, W. Sikkim
New believers at Tadong, Sikkim
New convert at Chengmari, Bhutan, with magical charms, brass bells, baskets, drum, etc. used as sorcerer
New converts at Chengmari, Bhutan, with implements of their old faith all burnt and destroyed
New dispensary, with Indian corn drying on roof.
Nirmal, Subit Tschering, Mahendra and Sukh Tschering
Noah and Hannah with their boys, 1948.
Noah and Hannah, 1950. Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) workers, Shillong.
Norbu Dukpa, Joseph, Riitta Sikkanen, Magdalena, Pastor Thomas, Juhani Dukpa. On the Buxar road.
On the way to preaching in Umlanka, a village four miles from Shillong, in late 1950s. The team was 23 strong in all.
On the way to the clinic at the outpost, Kangpara
On tour: the highway!
Opening of Girls High School in Singmari. From left: Ratna, Ada, Pastor J. Longman, Bom Bahadur, Kamalmani
Outpatients listening to Gospel preaching at Duncan Hospital, Raxaul.
Part of a group at Magar Gasu who gathered daily for Bible stories and singing. Very superstitious.
Part of the team which went from Kalimpong to Kathmandu in 1956. Elizabeth Franklin, Daniel Sittling, Robert Karthak, Rajendra Rongong; Deoki Khawas, Dhanmaya Khawas, (Ajamit Karthak), Jeremit Rongong with Sharon; Druba and Shanti Khawas
Pastor and elders of Bom Self-Supporting Church, 1979
Pastor and Mrs. James Longman
Pastor Cargay and family
Pastor Ishmael Tschering's father, the first Bhutanese convert/worker with Finnish Mission in Buxa Duars on the Bhutan border. He died from poisoning.
Pastor K.B. Thapa and wife, Nepali Christian Fellowship (NCF), Shillong, in front of the original church building. December 1991
Pastor Martin Rai, near centre, wearing tie
Pastor P.S. Tingbo, Bhutan
Pastor Pasang Tergain
Pastor Thomas Dupa, Jaigaon, Nov. 1991.
Pastorni and Manmaya
Pat O'Hanlon and Hilda Steele.
Pat O'Hanlon Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) with Nepali women.
Pat O'Hanlon, with two horses
Patna, 1941. Centre - Kitty Harbord (ex-Nautanwa). On her left - Win Anderson (Kathamandu)
Peace Valley orphanage, 8 Nov. 1939, Ghoom. At the back: Lily Bruhn and Ada Bruhn.
Pema Paul baptizing in Jaigon, 1970s
Pema Paul Bhutia: first pastor in Jaigon on Bhutan border, 1970-1985
Phambong family of the congregation, 1920s
Philip and David on tour, crossing a bamboo bridge. Normally the only way to cross was to wade the river.
Philip and Maili Gurung's wedding in Nautanwa
Philip taking camping gear on a tour in Assam Valley.
Phulmani Pradhan from Nepali Girls' High School, took her medical training in Calcutta, and was the first lady doctor in Darjeeling. Jyotsna (child in photo with Phulmani) was later a teacher at Mt. Hermon School
Phulmaya's wedding, "El Shaddai", Kalimpong, May 1961
Picnic Day during camp, October 1965. Devotional period after games and food
Plaque in St. Columba's Church in memory of Rev. R. Kilgour, early member and Bible translator.
Plaque in St. Columba's Church, Darjeeling in memory of Carl Gottlob Niebel, Bible translator, Lepcha.
Plaque in St. Columba's Church, Darjeeling in memory of Rev. G. P. Pradhan, Bible translator, Nepali.
Plaque in St. Columba's Church, Darjeeling in memory of Rev. T. C. Taylor.
Plaques in Bom Busty Self-Supporting Church, commemorating the first members and catechists
Prabhu Das, Joseph, Philip and Daud: baptized in Nautanwa, 28 February 1941.
Prakash Rai and Daftan Sada: the other two members of the team of six Nepalis who came to Nepal from Kalimpong with Elizabeth (1955)
Preaching from the shop in Kalimpong bazaar
Preaching to the crowds in Darjeeling town
Preparing "chicken curry" at Magar Gasu.
Preparing flannelgraphs for the tour. Robert Karthak and Rajendra Rongong
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Convention at local town hall, Kalimpong, 1980. Centre: PFC Moderator - Mika Chang
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Convention in Kalimpong. Early 1980s
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Convention, 1985. Counsellors and speakers
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Leadership training, Kalimpong, 1977
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Sunday School Fellowship, Hornes, 1985
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Sunday School Program. 1981/82 (In 1992, 22 S.S.s)
Presbyterian Free Church (PFC), Kalimpong. Annual Christian Convention Choir
Prithwilal Ghale
Pulmatti and Phulmaya, from the orphanage, both married in Sikkim
Pushpa Mullick, Pastor of the Church at Raxaul
Ragnhild Bjorklund, Vappu Rautomaki and Hellin Hukka-Dukpa, Ghoom, 1957
Rajbir and his mother. Rajbir married David Mukhia's daughter, Elishiba.
Rajendra and Jeremit Rongong with Sharon
Ready for baptism, NCF, Shillong.
Rebecca Rai, an early member of staff in the Darjeeling Hills Bible School (DHBS), Mirik
Rev. and Mrs N.T. Molommu, former Eastern Himalayan Church Council (EHCC) District Supt. In Kalimpong: Pastor in Nimbong, Church of North India (CNI)
Rev. and Mrs. Subit Tschering, Kurseong.
Rev. Asattang Subba, founding member of Presbyterian Free Church (PFC). Died Feb. 1991
Rev. C.T. Pazo and Rev. J. Longman, 1922
Rev. C.T. Pazo, the first ordained minister in Gangtok, Sikkim
Rev. D. D. Pradhan of Darjeeling. First Nepali CNI Bishop, served in Assam Diocese.
Rev. D. H. Mukhia and Rev. C. T. Pazo
Rev. Dyongshi Sada (1845-1920), recruited by Macfarlane.
Rev. Ishmael and Meena Tschering, Jore bungalow, Finnish Mission Church
Rev. John Hannay and family with Cindy Perry, Assemblies of God, Nepali section. Calcutta
Rev. M.S. Tingbo, Pahang, early 1990s
Rev. Martin Rai preaching in Gangtok Church
Rev. Pazo's family in early 1930s. D.K and D.C. Lucksom standing at the back
Rev. R. S. Molammu, Dr. and Mrs. Duncan and Rev. D. H. Mukhia
Rev. S.C. De, Calcutta Hill Christian Church
Rev. Sukmimu and family, with Cindy Perry, in Chakung, W. Sikkim
Rev. T. E. Taylor (1902-1905), former Principal of SUMITE.
Rev. William Macfarlane
Riitta Siikkanen, 1960
Riitta Sikkanen and Ragnhild Bjorklund, Ghoom
Rishi Acharaya.
Rita Skillbeck distributing tracts in Darjeeling
Robert Karthak, teacher / evangelist
Roland Rongong, Jiwan Jyoti Prakashan
Ronnie Adhikari, Union of Evangelical Students of India Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship (UESI IVCF) staff worker, converted as a student in Shillong. Father is Nepali, mother is Mizo. 1969. Went as a missionary to Taiwan.
Roy and Alma Hagen
Roy Hagen with a display of Christian literature.
Samuel and Lakhmati, Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB), Nautanwa, 1947.
Samuel Subba, one of the earliest Shillong converts and ardent evangelist, and early leader of Nepali Christian Fellowship (NCF), Shillong
Samuel telling the story of the Prodigal Son in a remote village area, 1947. Typical Nepali house in the Assam Valley.
Samuel's sister Jati
Sandakhpur, 12000 ft. up on the Darjeeling border of Nepal
Scenes at the funeral of Rev. C.T. Pazo, Gangtok, 19 March 1978
Scenes at the funeral of Rev. C.T. Pazo, Gangtok, 19 March 1978
Scenes at the funeral of Rev. C.T. Pazo, Gangtok, 19 March 1978
Scenes at the funeral of Rev. C.T. Pazo, Gangtok, 19 March 1978
Scenes at the funeral of Rev. C.T. Pazo, Gangtok, 19 March 1978
School in Jaldaka, associated with Presbyterian Free Church (PFC)
School run by Dr. B. Sereng in Namche, S. Sikkim, for two years only, 1978-1980
Setting out from the Homes
Shillong Nepali Church, Pastor Samuel Subba.
Shillong, June 1948. Left: Hannah, baptised in May. Right - Puthli, Brahmin convert of 2 years. Back - Beth Allinger.
Sikkim church workers in 1930s, Eastern Himalayas
Sikkim mission workers, 1923
Simon (leprosy patient)
Singmari Girls' Primary School
Siwan, 1937: Jagat Bahadur, Pali, Tir Bahadur Dewan (later went to Shillong and Nepal).
Social project of Presbyterian Free Church (PFC): Pastor Luckson and Mika Hang Subba distributing blankets to the needy. 1981
Some members of Bom Self-Supporting Church, Kalimpong, 1941
Sonya, Eli and Helvi Ollila, Juha, Annikki Frojd, then Tunturi, later Mrs. R.
Soson, to be baptised.
St. Andrew's Church, Darjeeling.
St. Andrews Church, Kurseong
St. Columba's Church, Darjeeling, inside.
St. Columba's Church, Darjeeling, outside
Staff and guests at Ahava Guesthouse. Second from left, standing: Ella Horgan, Hostess
Staff and students at SUMITE, 1924. Back row: Tudor J. Evans, Tek Bir Singh Rasaili, C. B. Kumai, Tashi Tshering, John Isaac, Dothinlay Bhutia, Shanka Mani Pradhan, Rev. G. Ogg; Middle row: P. S. Kumai, Indru Singh Subba, Mr. Rai, Phenchung Bhutia, Gyam Dorji Bhutia, Karchung Bhutia, Pintsho Bhutia, Pitchi Bhutia; Sitting: B. C. Ghosh, H. D. Pradhan, K. D. Pradhan, C. T. Pazo.
Staff at Duncan Hospital, Raxaul: Back row - Rit Kumar, Rishi Acharaya, Sena Lal, Trevor Strong. Front row - Ruth Horne, Pushpa Mullick, Patricia Strong.
Standing: Vappu Rautamaki, Hellin Hukka-Dukpa. Sitting: Edla Traskback, Riitta Sikkanen, Hanna Juureva. In the Anila's sittingroom, Kamala, Ghoom, 1959
Student camp at Mt. Hermon School. Centre back: Luther Ericsson (World Mission Prayer League (WMPL))
Sukhman Limboo
Sukhmani, Mary and Petu: the oldest children at the Nepali Orphanage, Kalimpong, 1950 (Worldwide Evangelizationt Crusade (WEC))
Sukman Limbu, 1882-1883 - Bom Self-Supporting Church, Kalimpong
Sunday afternoon Nepali service at Raxaul. Back row, far left - Attan Tschering. Front row, far left - Amy McBurney. Front row, from far right - Ruth Horne, Kanchinmaya Sherpa (later Miriam Rai).
Sunday congregation at Nautanwa.
Sunday School teachers
Sunday service at Geylegphug, Bhutan
Sunday worship at Khalingtar, Bhutan
T. Wangdi, Sikkim
Tak Bahadur, Raxaul.
Tara and Silvanus, and their son Ruben. April 1972
Teachers group: Standing: Martha, Chandramatti Pradhan (language teacher), Chumaya's sister, -, Santa Khaling, Junmit, Taradan Mukhia, Ganumaya Pradhan, Chumaya, -, Dhanmaya Gowloog (?), Nermit Targain, (language teacher). Sitting, middle row: Sanchar Watti, Munna, Lily Horne, -. Sitting, front row: Champa Rai (infants), Saharmit Sittling (sewing), -, Srimati Pradhan (later head of Singmari Primary School), -.
Teachers in Singmari: Kusumaya, Amiran, Jashangma, Lilly Horne, Srimatti. April 1962
Teachers on a special occasion, 1961. Back row: Saharmit Sitling (sewing teacher), -, -. Front row: Sanchar Watti (?), Muna Sinha with Sulekha, Sirimati Pradhan, Nermit Targain
Temi Mission House workers. After the lease on the house expired in 1955, it was taken over by the Forestry Dept., and later by the tea gardens. The house was built in 1900
The "Anilas": Elda Trasback (1876-1962) and Hanna Jureva (1880-1964), both wearing the silver brooches given to them by the Ghoom congregation, February 1960, and inscribed with Tibetan text: "Faith, Hope, Love"
The "Gorka Patra", produced by Ganga Prasad Pradhan, and held in the Madhan Memorial Library at Patan Gate, Kathmandu.
The "White Sadhu" at 83, a Kumauni Brahman, converted at 50. A real saint and keen evangelist.
The alter call at the Presbyterian Free Church (PFC) Convention in Kalimpong
The Bookroom, part of the new Christian Literature Centre, Duncan Hospital, Raxaul. 1960s.
The bookshop in Sukhia Pokhri. Ragnhild Bjorklund, a local lad from Ghoom, and Pastor Tschering
The camp work crew, all Christians. Im Bahadur, Tuli, Himal, Laleeta.
The Chogyal of Sikkim and Kazis, 1920s/30s(?)
The Church at Today, Sikkim
The church congregation in Pedong. Far left: Pastor B. S. Cargay. Front row, second from right: Pastor Jonathan
The Church congregation. No presbyter at time of photo. H.B. Pradhan – Elder
The congregation during Pastor Rai's time
The Darjeeling Hills Bible School (DHBS) sign. Second from right: Principal Kamal Andrew Rai
The final send-off from Kalimpong
The first dispensary, 1935 - used until the mid-1960s
The first group baptised, Ang Tschering, - , - , Khem Bdr. Rana, Kharkadhoj Limbu, Birendra Gurung
The Gangtok congregation on Christmas Day, 1946
The Girls' High School, Gangtok
The Homes' staff, Kalimpong
The Hon. Mary Scott
The Hon. Mary Scott (R) and Kathleen McLaren (L). Mary Scott worked at the Homes, and in Sikkim, and then founded the Blind School, Kalimpong
The Karthak family: Rajendra Rongong, Ajamit Karthak, Jeremit Rongong, Robert Karthak (Jeremit's brother), Mr. and Mrs. Karthak, Sharon Rongong
The landlord, a Nepali Captain
The late Rev. W. M. Macfarlane, M.A., first missionary to establish a lasting work amongst Nepalis with churches and schools in the Darjeeling District (1868-1886).
The Lepcha Christian Congregation at Vok. January 1957
The Mirik Darjeeling Hills Bible School class of 1962 with staff in centre: Subit Tschering, Al Berg and Rebecca Rai
The Nepal Evangelistic Band (NEB) team: Elaine Crane, Beth Allinger, Hilda Steele, Pat O'Hanlon, Ellen Meincke.
The Nepali Crusade, Mawlai, Shillong. Main speaker - Pastor Robert Karthak (Kathmandu) and Nar Bahadur Chettri, translator into Khasi
The new "preaching house" in front of the Duncan Hospital. Nurses' home in the background. April 1949.
The postman delivers courses at the Institute to Jac Dyke, Principal
The procession entering the Mahakalguri Church
The School children doing their exercises.
The student body at Mirik Darjeeling Hills Bible School (DHBS), early 1990s
The Subba family, 1961. Miriam (13), Binu (23), Paul (19) and Ruth (16), Silas (8), Samuel, Lakhmati, Timothy (6).
The Sunday School at Nautanwa.
The team again: front row, far right – Martha
The tent at Rangsali Basti, Darrang Dist. on a preaching tour, late 1940s.
The train from Siliguri on the plains to Darjeeling on the mountain top. Taken near the Ghoom loop.
The wedding of Bir and Ruth Rai in Mirik after graduation, 1963: workers in Okhladhunga, Nepal, and former prisoners in Tansen.
The wedding of Bir and Ruth Rai in Mirik after graduation, 1963: workers in Okhladhunga, Nepal, and former prisoners in Tansen.
The white stone behind the boy in the foreground is the boundary of Nepal, some 4 miles from Sukhia: Nepal in the foreground, and India behind.
Tibetans in the bazar in Sukhia Pokari
Tilok Singh Subba
Tir Dewan
Today congregation, Sikkim
Touring Assam Valley in 1947: Philip Gurung, Buddhi Sagar Gurung, Bir Bahadur.
Train crossing river dividing India and Nepal at Raxaul.
Translation experts discuss problems in the Nepalese translation (l to r) Prof LM Kubchandani, the Rev R Hagen, Rev DD Pradhan and HC Pradhan.
Trebeni mela: sacred bathing place, 9-10 miles from Semri. Pilgrims sometimes visited dispensary. (1940s)
Union Church, Darjeeling (now pulled down).
Vanlal Nghaka, at Calcutta airport, 14.02.69. Evangelist who did good work amongst tribal people in Assam.
Vappu Rautamaki and a Tibetan refugee nun
Visiting a small Assamese church, but Nepali was not well understood.
Vok, Sikkim: An early Christian couple
Vok: Rev. Pazo and Mary Scott, 1920s/1930s
Wedding of Lendup and Salome. (Lendup from Choongtoong TE, and Salome from Girls' Hostel). Bestman: Benjamin Rai. Bridesmaid: Songmit Sittling
Wedding of Shillingford and Martha Mukhia, Darjeeling. Bridesmaid: Naomi Khaling
Wilfrid and Helen Morris and family
Wilfrid Morris and house watchman (Gurkha pensioner) outside house: 2 rooms and verandah rented 1935-1936.
Women and children of the local area
Women's meeting in Darjeeling
Women's Nepali Bible Class. Centre back: Beth Brodie (Church of Scotland)
World Mission Prayer League team, Darjeeling. Back row: Mounrad, Becky Grimsrud, Betty, Alma Hagen, Archie Sheer. Front row: Millie Bell, Dale and Jeanette Leathead, Janet
Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (WEC) Nepal Border workers at Conference: Rita Skillbeck, Beth Allinger. Helen and Jac Dyke, Elaine Crane
Youth for Christ (YFC) campaign, mid 1950s.
Youth for Christ (YFC) campaign, mid 1950s.
Youth for Christ (YFC) group from Calcutta taking part in the Darjeeling meetings. Archie Sheer on left

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